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At A.J. Smith we offer a wide range of installation, repair and maintenance service for your home or business.

Furnace Installation, Repair and Service
Whether your system is electric, gas, duel fuel, or heat pump. We have all the skills and training needed to get the job done right the first time. Think of the repair process as though our technician were skilled doctor, working diligently to diagnose and provide the best prescription for your home’s comfort problem.
Air Conditioning Installation, Repair and Service
AC repair doesn't have to be a headache. Sure, you’re probably not in your happiest moment when you need us, but rest assured, we’re ready to take care of any AC repair issue that arrives. We’re certified to service all brands of air conditioners, so you know you’ll be getting the greatest AC repair around. And with a written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you have nothing to lose.
Gas Fireplace Installation, Repair and Service
A proper gas fireplace tune up can prevent your fireplace from venting poorly, which increases the risk of carbon monoxide entering your home. AtlasCare provides fireplace maintenance and service all year round, whenever you need it. Our expert Home Comfort Specialists can fix your fireplace or install a new one as soon as possible, so you can go back to enjoying the luxurious heat of a gas fireplace. We can also take care of annual inspections and gas fireplace tune-ups, so your gas fireplace is always running safely and at peak efficiency. Our Home Comfort Specialists also use drop sheets and shoe covers to protect your carpets when they come in for service.
Gas Hookups
Switching to natural gas is a very simple process. And you’ll get long-term energy savings from a reliable energy source.
Humidifier Installation, Repair and Service
Admit it. We tend to obsess over what the meteorologist tells us will happen here in London. The forecast controls our schedules, and can even affect our emotions. And what we may not realize is that weather patterns also have an effect everything inside our homes, from furniture to our family’s health.
HRV Installation, Repair and Service
Your heat recovery ventilator (HRV) can help make your house a clean, healthy living environment, while keeping fuel bills down. But your HRV can't do all this without your help.
Indoor Air Quality Solutions
Not to be a killjoy, but are you inside? If so, you most likely be surprised if you were aware of how many toxins you may have just inhaled, including chemical vapors, microbes, mildew, viruses, bacteria, dust, dirt, pollen, allergens and more. Hold on...what?
Solutions for those suffering from Asthma and Allergies
The EPA determined in a survey that Americans spend 87% of their lives indoors, and that indoor air pollutant levels are up to 100 times higher than pollution levels found outside. Yikes! Now think about the fact that we breathe an estimated 3,000 gallons of air every day. So do your kids. So does your Pug. Seriously, people, we can’t take indoor air quality for granted. It’s time to make a change.
Not only could regular furnace maintenance reduce repair costs, it can also help reduce your energy bill, and that’s money back in your pocket. When the equipment is correctly maintained, it simply runs more efficiently.

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